At Heronsgate School, we understand the importance of PE and endeavour to provide a balanced curriculum that allows children to develop their physical skills and maintain a healthy active lifestyle for all year groups. We hope to not only provide children with the physical skills and knowledge needed to participate in sports, but also to ensure children enjoy lessons and continue to keep active when they leave our school.

As well as leading weekly indoor and outdoor PE lessons, we offer the children additional opportunities to participate in sports in our enriched curriculum, which has been provided through the sports premium funding. This includes having an outside specialist coach coming into school and working with all pupils both in lessons and at lunchtimes. Children who are selected to represent the school in cross country and athletics are then provided with weekly training sessions with the sports coach.

For the year 2020-2021, we also have spent some of our sports premium funding on providing a marquee, which has allowed us to continue our indoor PE provision during the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirement for children to be taught in bubbles.  This ensured that children continued to access 2 hours of physical exercise a week, as well as being active at break and lunch times and to allow for children to participate in more active sessions outside during the school day.

In addition to the marquee space, the sports premium funding has also allowed us to replace many old pieces of equipment with new, to ensure that teachers can provide the best PE lessons possible for their class and to install two sections of high quality gym equipment.

We have updated lots of our other lunch time equipment this year, such as new balls, skipping ropes, hoops and racquets, in the aim to encourage children to keep active during break times.

Please read the information below which gives further details of our PE and sport premium funding and how it has been allocated.

Sports Premium Funding 23