Due to Covid-19 restrictions arrangements below may differ.

Our gates open at 8.20am and children go directly to the playground. We encourage all children to aim to be in school by 8.35am. The bell sounds at 8.40am when all children line up in the playground where they are met by their class teachers and taken into class.

We offer a breakfast/activities club before school, children are welcome from 7.30am. Please click here for further details.

Please ensure, for their safety, that your child does not arrive at school too early as there is no supervision of children before 8.30am.

For reasons of security, the outside doors and gates are locked five minutes after the start of the day and registration at 8.45am. Anyone arriving after this time must go to the main reception and notify the school office staff of their arrival so that registers can be amended and lunch arrangements confirmed.

Parking And Access

Please note that we do not provide any parking for parents/carers dropping off or collecting children. The car parks we have are for staff and parents/carers with disabled requirements only.

There are clearly marked areas at the front of the school (yellow zig zags and double lines) that must be kept clear at all times to ensure both parent and child safety.  Please do not stop or park in these areas nor in the entrance to the staff carpark.

There are also notices displayed on both carpark gates stating that for safety reasons no pedestrian access is allowed through the carparks. We have had some near misses in the past – moving vehicles and children do not mix, please don’t put your child or others at risk and always use the footpaths provided.

School Day Timetable

8.20am            School gates unlocked

8.40am            Registration

8.50am            Lessons begin

12pm               Years 3 & 4 Lunch starts

12.30pm          Years 5 & 6 Lunch starts

3.20pm            School day ends

Assemblies     Mondays, Tuesdays (Singing) and Fridays only


An important element of the school day is the lunchtime meal. Children have the option of bringing in a healthy packed lunch or having a hot school dinner.

End Of Day Arrangements

At the end of the day (3.20pm) children are dismissed from their external classroom doors to the playground and released individually by staff to their authorised parent/carer.

As part of our admissions process parents/carers will have informed the school who is responsible for collecting their child. We ask that any changes to this are put in writing to the school office to be correctly recorded, please do not make ad hoc arrangements with teaching staff.

If an emergency situation arises and the authorised person cannot collect a child please call the school office as early as possible, and no later than 2.30pm to advise what alternate arrangements have been made.