Our Science Curriculum:

Our science curriculum is covered through the Cornerstones Curriculum. Understanding, skills and knowledge are built upon as children progress through our school each year. We are proud to have been awarded the Primary Science Quality mark (PSQM) in October 2023.


Science Policy 2023-24

Science Policy 2023-24

Science - Layer 1 2023

Science - Layer 2 2023



Our aim is that all children develop a positive attitude to science, become inquisitive learners, are able to reason and predict and work cooperatively with others. Teachers make sure that lessons cover practical elements and skills and knowledge so that the children become well-rounded and motivated scientists. It is our hope that all children - regardless of their background - are able to further their interests in STEM subjects at secondary level and beyond with foundational knowledge gained whilst at Heronsgate School. Where possible, links are made with our reading curriculum. For example, the children may read non-fiction texts linked to famous women from science.


Trips and Visits:

Where possible, we utilise both trips and visitors to the school to help enrich the curriculum. Trips/visitors include: National Space Centre and special visitors to our assemblies.