Our RE Curriculum:

At Heronsgate School we believe that the ability to understand the faith or belief of other people or communities is critical to a cohesive society and in understanding how modern Britain works together. Exploring both religious and non-religious viewpoints in lesosns allows all children to understand the complexities of modern life whilst also helping them to avoid stereotyping or making assumptions.

At Heronsgate School we use the Jigsaw Discovery RE Scheme of Work to deliver our RE lessons. Doing so covers all the main areas found within the National Curriculum. Both our children and staff hold a wide variety of beliefs and values but the children are taught to explore our common values that bind us together, celebrating the differences that make us unique. It is our belief that RE should:

  • Teach children to respect differences
  • Allow children to explore alternative viewpoints
  • Allow children to reflect on their own ideas and way of living

Further information on why RE is important to informed debate and unity -can be found here:


Further information about our scheme can be viewed here:

Discovery RE - Parent Guide

RE Policy 2023-24

RE Policy 2023-24

RE - Layer 2 - Curriculum 2023-24