Literacy is the fundamental skill that enriches our daily lives in a wide variety of ways. At Heronsgate, we intend to provide opportunities to engage with high quality, age appropriate, texts to discover language as part of either whole class teaching or independent reading. We have a passion for language and through challenge, choice and creativity, we aspire to transfer this to our children.

Writing opportunities are carefully planned where both non-fiction and fiction is balanced across the academic year. Children’s literacy skills and speaking and listening opportunities are strengthened with planned cross-curricular links.

Children participate in discussions, presentations, performances, role play and debates. These areas of learning develop our children into confident speakers and listeners as well as confident writers. Early writers will call on their own experiences and, as children progress through the school, they develop further by exploring a range of text types. These include extended stories, poetry, diary entries, reports, discussion and many more. As part of the writing process, children are taught to reflect on, edit and improve their writing and its presentation.

Children progress through Heronsgate becoming increasingly proficient at using a range of literary techniques, which they are able to apply skilfully. Children understand and apply their knowledge of a range of text types, which engage and inform the reader. Our authors are able to independently reflect on their, and others’, writing and suggest improvements.