In our School Partnership, we ask parents to ensure that children wear our school uniform and this is discussed with parents when a child is admitted to school.

Parents have been consulted on this and have had the opportunity to comment with the vast majority of families replying in favor of having a school uniform for all children. The full governing body has unanimously agreed to support the encouragement of children wearing school uniform. Governors earnestly request parents to ensure that children wear school uniform selected from the following lists.

All uniform items can be purchased with the school logo from Kedaph Schoolwear (details below).

Uniform Tops

Sweatshirts   - plain royal blue

Polo shirts     - plain royal blue

Uniform Bottoms

Black/charcoal plain straight trousers or black/charcoal plain knee length skirt. (No black jeans). Black leggings can be worn underneath a dress/skirt but not on their own.

Summer Wear

As above with optional plain black, grey or charcoal shorts of similar length to the P.E. shorts for boys and girls. Girls may also wear a light blue check summer dress.


Plain black shoes/boots - not trainers/trainer type shoes, no high heel/platform shoes or Ugg style boots).

Black/white/grey socks or tights.

PE Uniform For ‘PE Ready’


Royal blue short sleeved T shirt

Long sleeved sports top

Royal blue zoodie (zipped hoodie) – only to be worn as part of the PE uniform on PE days


Black shorts or long sports trousers/leggings (no brand named items)


Trainers – mainly plain black or white only.

Indoor PE is bare foot

PE is a vital area of the National Curriculum and we expect all children to take part in PE sessions on a regular basis (twice per week) and develop their skills. We also provide a range of sporting opportunities before, during and after school.

At Heronsgate, traditionally, children have changed for PE in the school changing rooms. This leads to lost PE time in a very busy timetable, anxiety for children who worry about changing in front of others and mountains of lost and unclaimed school uniform and PE kit. In September 2019, we  launches ‘PE Ready’. All children are expected to come into school dressed in their PE uniform (as listed above) on the two days they have PE, and will wear their PE uniform for the whole of the day and not be required to change.

By ensuring that the children are PE ready, we can maximise the amount of time within PE lessons so that children receive the full allowance. With the introduction of PE Ready we can ensure at least 20 minutes per group of additional time can be added to PE lessons without time spent changing – this equates to a staggering 26 hours over a typical school year.

When considering the PE Ready concept, we sought advice from other schools both locally and further afield and they shared with us the positive impact of this initiative. There is strong evidence to suggest that if children are engaged in physical activity there is a significant link to improved academic performance. It is known that physical activity has a positive effect on learning, self-confidence, mental health, behaviour and attitudes, as well as the considerable health benefits not just within school but also throughout life.

  • Please note that trainer type shoes are not part of our uniform and should not be worn around school. Shoes/boots should be plain black and of a sensible design (trainers, platform, high heeled shoes, Ugg style boots are not permissible).
  • Hair should be neat and tidy. Mohican or logo type hair styles are not suitable and we will ask parents to take their child home and rectify this. Brightly coloured hair accessories including large Jojo style bows and similar are not allowed. Long hair for both girls and boys must be tied back for PE, games and science lessons.
  • If a child is unable to remove earrings by themselves, they should not wear them on PE days, or parents must supply tape to cover them during the lessons. Staff will not remove a child’s earrings or put tape on for the children. It has become increasingly fashionable for boys to wear earrings. The same rules apply to both boys and girls. Nose studs are not allowed or any other body piercings.

All items of school uniform with the school logo can be purchased from Kedaph Schoolwear, based at Unit A, Lennox Road, Bletchley, MK2 2HH, Phone 01908 417142, or ordered online at .

Parents do not have to purchase items showing the school logo, however, school colours must be worn. If your daughter wears a headscarf for religious reasons please can this be a school blue colour. Please allow 4 weeks if ordering for September.