Our Computing Curriculum:

Our computing curriculum is taught discreetly in weekly computing lessons. However, where it is meaningful and relevant, some links may be made to some of our Cornerstones Learning Projects or mathematics lessons. It is our intent that all children become adept at using a range of devices and programming systems so that they can safely and confidently enter the workplace as active participants in the digital future.

We take great pride in the resources available to all children at Heronsgate School. Devices – such as ipads - are available for all year groups to access to enable them to actively engage with lessons.

Teachers plan according to the Kappow scheme of work (SoW) so that the objectives covered in each year group are skills based and sequenced in a progressive manner. For example, teachers will assess the children’s prior knowledge before building on new skills and knowledge in the lesson.  By the time children leave the school in Year 6, all pupils will have a good understanding of online safety, computer science, digital literacy and information technology. Where relevant, the children will explore computer programmes creatively, using platforms such as Scratch to help them.


Computing Policy 2023-24

Computing Subject Policy 2023-24



It is our aim that all children at Heronsgate become competent and empowered users of all aspects of computing. Our lessons develop the children’ knowledge across five key areas: Digital Literacy and Online Safety, Computational Thinking and Computers and Hardware. Online safety is woven into both computing lessons and our PSHE curriculum (taught using Jigsaw). We also mark national events and discuss the importance of keeping ourselves safe online by not sharing passwords or personal information.


Parent Resources

Below are some useful links for families to use to discuss e-safety at home. Additionally, the resources provide useful tips to ensure your child uses their phone or tablet safely. If you are worried about what you see online you can report it using the following link: https://www.ceop.police.uk/ceop-reporting/


Additional resources:

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