Our Art Curriculum:

At Heronsgate School we aim that, when children leave in year 6, they will have had opportunities to:

  • Learn about famous artists, designers, craft makers, architects
  • Experiment, invent and create
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Be able to express themselves
  • Broaden their cultural understanding
  • Know the various disciplines of art
  • Become confident in future professions and success in economy, to our culture
  • Produce creative work, explore ideas and record experiences
  • Generate and develop own ideas in a variety of ways

We believe that art and design stimulates creativity and imagination as well as providing an opportunity for children to express their emotions and thoughts. Additionally, it also provides sensory and tactile experiences for all children, regardless of background or ability. Children are encouraged to express how they are feeling through art and design, being taught to think with care and attention to the colours, techniques and different artistic processes and use subject specific language to discuss and debate.

The children collect their artwork within their sketchbooks. These books will remain with the children throughout their time at Heronsgate Schools, allowing the child and teacher to see their progress over time. We are proud to have our very own on-site kiln at Heronsgate School and as such each year group has the opportunity to take part in clay sculpture at least once per academic year.


Art Policy 2022-23

Art policy pro-forma 2022-23