How Will You Help My Son/Daughter Moving Into Year 3 To Become Familiar With Their New School Surroundings? What If They’re Worried They May Get Lost?

Hopefully by the time your son/daughter starts with us in September they will have visited us on the three transitions days we have arranged with their first schools and will already feel more confident about their new environment. However to begin with if they need to leave their classroom a friend will always accompany them. We encourage new pupils to always ask either staff or older pupils for directions should they need them. Teachers will also spend time orientating the children in their first week.

What Is The Routine For The Start And Finish Of The School Day?

Children assemble in the playground ready for the bell at 8.40am, when teachers will come to meet them to take them in to classrooms. Each morning they will register the children before they begin lessons. We encourage the children to develop their independence by hanging up their coats and bags, getting their reading records out and settling themselves in class ready for the start of the day. Children are dismissed from their outside classroom door at 3.20pm.

When Am I Able To Speak To The Teacher, Should I Need To?

In the case of a short message, parents may speak with the teacher at the beginning of the day on the playground. If they wish to have a longer discussion then arrangements can be made for a meeting either before the start of the school day or after school.

What Do I Do If I Am Late Bringing My Son/Daughter To School?

Please come directly to reception where your son/daughter can be registered and then make his/her own way to class.

What Happens If I Am Delayed In Collecting My Son/Daughter From School?

We ask all parents to contact the school if they know they will be delayed in collecting their son/daughter before 2pm; an end of day email will be sent to class teachers informing them of any changes. Their son/daughter will then be supervised until they can be collected. All children are handed over directly to an approved adult unless otherwise advised.

What Will You Expect My Son/Daughter To Be Able To Do For Themselves In Terms Of Independent Organisational Skills?

We realise that every child is different in terms of his or her abilities. On starting at Heronsgate, we would expect pupils to be able to organise themselves and the equipment they will need for most lessons. This includes being able to tie their shoe laces. If children cannot do this yet, please provide them with non-tie shoes. Children are expected to look after all belongings including their jumpers, cardigans, jackets etc.

We would expect the children to increase their ability to organise themselves and take responsibility for their belongings.

How Will You Help My Son/Daughter Develop Their Independence?

In academic terms, the National Curriculum builds up pupils’ skills of independent study slowly over a period of time. Throughout the year pupils will be given homework, usually a half termly project covering a variety of aspects of the curriculum as well as daily reading. Maths homework is also provided on a weekly basis based on what has been taught.

Will My Son/Daughter Be Allowed To Use The Toilet When They Need To?

We encourage all the pupils to visit the toilet during breaks and lunchtime. We do however allow pupils to use the toilets during lesson time if needs be. They must first ask their teacher before leaving the classroom.

Will My Son/daughter Be Able To Have A Drink When They Need One?

All pupils are encouraged to bring in a small bottle of water (plastic, with a sports cap) that they can keep in the classroom. We would expect these to be clearly labelled with the child’s name. Additionally, there are water fountains that can be used during break times. Generally we do not allow pupils to leave the class for a drink during lessons unless there is a specific medical need. Pupils can also bring in a piece of fruit for a mid-morning snack. This is advised as children often become hungry which impacts on their learning.

How Will Break Times Be Organised?

We have split break times due to our large numbers. Year 5/6 have their break at 9:50-10:05 and Year 3/4 have theirs at 11-11:15. There are three playgrounds, one for football, another for other ball games/general play and a third ‘ball free’ area of quiet play. During warmer months we will make use of our extensive field. At lunch breaks equipment is available to play with and our Play Leaders organise this.

What Clubs Do You Run At Heronsgate?

At this moment in time the following clubs are run in school, either during lunch times or after school hours; table tennis, netball, street dance, film club & a range of other sports clubs and our H2S school choir. Pupils will be given details of how to join these clubs at the beginning of the Autumn Term. Clubs vary according to age, outside festivals and time of year.

How Do You Deal With Bullying Issues?

The issue of bullying is a sensitive one in any school and will always be treated seriously. Often bullying situations can begin outside of school and then begin to affect school life. In any situation, we seek to support both parties involved to prevent any reoccurrences.

My Son/Daughter Uses An Inhaler / Takes Regular Medication, Where Will This Be Kept?

We follow the advice of the school nurse on the issue of inhalers and ask that all pupils who use an inhaler keep it close at hand throughout the school day. In their bag is the recommended place. The inhaler must be clearly labelled and pupils must always ask a member of staff before they make use of it. All medicines must be handed into reception along with the appropriate medication form and will be kept in the school first aid room until needed.There are teams of Teaching Assistants that work within each year group to support pupils both with and without special educational needs. The Teaching Assistants are flexibly timetabled to work with pupils within lessons when the need for additional support is required however not every class has one allocated teaching assistant.

How Often Will My Child Be Heard To Read In Year 3?

Every pupil in Year 3 will take home a reading book which they are responsible for changing. Every child will be heard to read as often as possible on a one to one basis, depending on their reading ability. It is however still important for pupils of all abilities to regularly be heard to read by their parents at home. We ask that this be 5 times a week for 10 minutes and is then noted in their reading record and signed by an adult. Very able readers in Year 3 will gradually be taken off the reading scheme as their ability increases and be encouraged to make their own book selection from the class/home or school library. Additionally, your child will be part of a guided reading group within their own class 4 times a week, each group is led once by the class teacher and once by a Learning Support Assistant each week.

What School Visits Are Planned For The Academic Year?

We aim to do one visit per term supplemented with topic days where the children dress up and take part in topic related activities for the day.

My Child Is On The Sen Register At His/her First School. What Help Will They Get At Heronsgate?

Any pupil who receives SEN support at the moment will continue to be given that help when they come to Heronsgate, although the structure of the programme may differ slightly. All information concerning a pupil’s needs is handed to us through detailed documentation and lengthy discussion with the first school staff. Parents will always be involved in the continual monitoring of their son/daughter’s progress.

Can I Come And Help In Anyway?

Yes please! We will always need help with hearing children read, extra assistance on visits or helping out with particular activities. The school parents’ association, Friends of Heronsgate, are very active in their fundraising activities for school, including organising discos, raffles and cake sales. Please speak to your child’s teacher if you feel you can spare the time and would like to help out.

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