The School Council meet weekly and discuss ideas to improve life at Heronsgate.

We discuss ideas and suggestions brought to the council by the class representatives. An agenda is produced by the chair, vice-chair and secretary based upon suggestions from each class. At the meeting the whole school council discuss the issues raised and decide upon what action to take, normally done by voting. The Chairs then talk to Mrs Edwards, our Headteacher, to tell her about what was discussed at the meeting and Mrs Edwards decides what can be done. This is reported back to the school council and the class representatives go back to their class and inform them of the decisions made.

Each class has two representatives on the council who are responsible for organising meetings to discuss issues raised by the class and communicating decisions from council. Any issues that are thought to be whole school ones are passed onto the chair and vice chair.

The School Council are also responsible for organising special charity days for Children in Need and Red Nose Day, suggesting how the playground might be improved and what equipment should be bought for school.